Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hi, new blogger here. 

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I LOVE going to cemeteries. I got my love from just taking over the family tree. My mom was looking up cemeteries places and she came across US Cemetery Project. She thought I can volunteer and share my photos with others. Well I put it to the side because I was SO focused on getting this tree going. So far close to 4,000 relatives found and recorded.

When I was at a block, I came across the site again. I as like "what the heck." and emailed the person that was doing my state. Boy I got carried away! I am right now 2/5ths the way finished with my county. About 25 cemeteries out of, I will say, 78 cemeteries complete. 3 are go back to and 5 are gone.

 I learned a lot from this group and I also lost two pants sizes just by WALKING. For a huge cemetery, you can get at least a 2 mile walk and that is not counting the up and downs to the ground. If they are small and near each other, I can get 5 done in a full day. I also went threw 2 cars in the process, lol, I am on my third.

Biggest peeve

We all have it, people taking your photos or work as their own. I came across many people taking my work. My hard walking work! How hard is it to ask!?!?!? Believe me, all you will see are mine that I took with my own time.

Look me up!

I lost my drive, so I will have more photos once I find that drive!

Please look me up at:

Find a Grave     If you have any past family in Shelby County, Illinois (Or near the county) shoot me an email or a message. The link goes to my profile!

Also please take a look at the US Cemetery Project! Here is the facebook page!